We have GREAT news! We’re making our membership programs simpler and better. GreatLIFE KC has decided to consolidate the Classic and Champion levels together into one membership, which is now the ‘Champion PLUS’ membership level.  We are also consolidating the Fitness Plus and Lifestyle Plus levels.  The new 'Fitness PLUS' membership will include all the benefits of the Lifestyle Plus membership for the same low price of the Fitness Plus level.

What does this mean for current members? 

As a current member, these changes will occur on April 1, 2018. Here is how each membership level will be impacted, beginning April 1.

If you are a Classic Plus member, you will not be impacted.

If you are a Classic member, your dues will decrease.

If you are a Champion member, your dues will slightly increase, but your privileges will also increase. You will now have unlimited access to EIGHT GLKC courses: Blue Springs, Drumm Farm, Liberty Hills, Green Hills, Leavenworth, Painted Hills, River  Oaks  and Royal Meadows.

If you are a Lifestyle Plus member, your dues will decrease and you will have slightly expanded golf privileges. (See the membership benefits page for details)

If you are Fitness Plus member, your dues will remain the same and your benefits will increase.  You will now have expanded golf privileges and pool privileges. (See the membership benefits page for details)

Starting November 7, 2017, we also implemented a limited-time-only referral program where your monthly dues will decrease even more if you refer a new GreatLIFE member*. Your rate AND the rate of the new member will decrease now and run through March 31, 2019**. We are now extending the referral program through February. New members are subject to a one-time initial fee ranging from $25-$75.

We are excited about the changes occurring at GreatLIFE.
Please call 913-802-GLKC with any questions you may have regarding these membership changes.

*The referral program will begin Tuesday, Nov. 7 and run through Feb. 28, 2017.
** You must refer someone to your level or higher to qualify.

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